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page organization

new results
here we would post new sensitivity analysis data
users could update this as they go

current research and past research projects (in no particular order)
current research:
1) Tectonic-Geomorphic-Climatic Interaction (NSF-EAR-1324637, 1323137)

    a) the role of surface displacement in landscape evolution
b) the role of rock mass strength in landscape evolution
c) the combined influence of rock damage and surface displacement in landscape evolution

2) Glacial Erosion (NSF-geoprism grant...) Annie and James
3) Remote Sensing glacial strain...? (Lynn)
4) Topographic Anisotropy (NSF-CDI-1027809)
5) Tectonic Aneurysms (Peter)
6) ???

past research:
1) Subvolcanic thermodynamics (ask Scott for grant #) Sam
2) Glacial loading and tectonics (Lauren)
3) Yakutat tectonics (Ben Hooks)
4) ???

Teaching Modules
1) modeling subduction with a continuum mechanics model
2) educatonal tools for landscape evolution modeling
3) ???

Geodynamics Course Projects
1) Just link to the geodynamics website