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Welcome to UMaine Geodynamics

This wiki is a means for accessing research and educational modules produced by the geodynamics group at UMaine. Follow links on the navigation pane to the left to search through our various research projects.


2/17/15: Sam Roy made revisions to Tectonic-Geomorphic-Climatic Interaction (NSF-EAR-1324637, 1323137)

10/28/15: An "Events" section has been added to the sidebar in anticipation of the upcoming GeoPRISMS collaborative session at UMaine. Participants can find session announcements and links to PDFs on the GeoPRISMS Workshop 2015 page.

10/1/15: Lynn Kaluzienski created "Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics," complete with model descriptions and animations.

Periodic Boundary Conditions-1.gif

9/17/15: Sam Roy updated text and model results in Subduction Zone Dynamics in the Mantle and at the Earth's Surface:


5/26/15: fault motion and landscape evolution model results have been updated: The role of surface displacement in landscape evolution

3/26/15: Sam Roy added modeling work on Mantle Wedge Hydration under "Previous Research": Mantle Wedge Hydration

3/18/15: Sam Roy and Nick Richmond have been running coupled FLAC/CHILD models to investigate orographic precipitation. Stay tuned!



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